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Donation Amount Reward
$5.00 USD 500 Donor Points
$10.00 USD 1,000 Donor Points
$25.00 USD 2,750 Donor Points
$50.00 USD 5,500 Donor Points
$100.00 USD 11,000 Donor Points
$200.00 USD 22,500 Donor Points

What are Donor Points?

Donor Points are a special type of in-game currency that can be exchanged for exclusive cosmetics items, character styles and more unique features!

Donor Points are rewarded to the player as a thank you for their donation. Donor Points cannot be traded or obtained by other means.

Please note that donations are not available for refund. Upon donating you confirm to have read and agreed to the REXION terms of service.

Upon completing your donation, please create a post in our designated forum section to claim your rewards. Alternatively, you may contact a server administrator.

Your support is greatly appreciated.