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Vote for REXION

Vote Points are an in-game system put in that allows players to vote for the server, and obtain points that they can spend in-game.

We've implemented a command (@vote) that allows you to redeem your vote points in-game, so you can vote without all of the hassles.

For further assistance, try asking in our Discord or Forums.

Vote Instructions

As of February 2018, you no longer need to log out to vote.
  1. Fill out username below and click Vote for REXION
  2. If you haven't voted today, you'll be redirected to our Gtop100 page.
  3. Complete the captcha and Click the big red button.
  4. If you're successful you'll be redirected to the Gtop100 MapleStory list.
  5. To claim your VP, go in game and use @vote

You may also choose to vote for us here for no rewards.
For more information on how voting reset works, checkout the article here.